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The ones I’ve seen have all been attractive types. The photos below are two of Tintin’s foals bred by Studholme Bloodstock’s Brian West – one out Titled, an unraced Mach Three mare, and the other out of Stunning, a winning Island Fantasy mare who has to date produced a couple of lovely looking Courage Under Fire foals that went through the yearling sales for Studholme Bloodstock, one selling for $70,000 and the other passed in at $30,000. I like the pedigree of both mares with Tintin In America. The mares both bring blood that Tintin In America will enjoy.

But on type alone, I thought these were both very attractive foals.

Brian West is not afraid to try newer sires if they have the qualities he’s looking for, especially if they are likely to attract some commercial interest because they were racehorses much admired by trainers and punters. This season he’s putting several of his mares to Auckland Reactor for that reason, and also some to Stunin Cullen and Sir Lincoln I believe. He’s supported Changeover previously and of course had a lot of return from Courage Under Fire as a sire of Lancome and Secret Potion among others. It is great to see a breeder of Brian’s calibre supporting the top homebred sires who offer that x factor.

The eyecatcher for me was the Titled colt foal, and I’ve put in two photos of Tintin In America at about the same age for comparison. Just on type, he looks strong and intelligent. He could develop into a very nice yearling for the sales!

Tintin In America x Titled colt foal 2013

Tintin In America x Titled colt foal 2013

Titled colt that reminded me very much of Tintin In America at a similar age

Titled colt that reminded me very much of Tintin In America at a similar age

And for comparison, a photo of Tintin as a foal

Tintin In America as a foal

Tintin In America as a foal

Tintin running December 2005

Tintin running December 2005

The foal from Stunning is a filly, and very correct. I’ve said before that Island Fantasy was a flop as a sire, but his pedigree is beautiful and he brings quality bloodlines to the table as a damsire. The mare is leaving some ‘stunning’ foals!

Stunning and her Tintin In America filly foal

Stunning and her Tintin In America filly foal

Stunning and her Tintin In America foal

Stunning and her Tintin In America filly foal dozing in the shade

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Terror To Love

Terror To Love wins the New Zealand Cup

The last time I saw the New Zealand Cup in person was a few years ago when Monkey King got his second win in the great race, and the crowd cheered him heartily. The same this year, when Terror To Love (Western Terror – Love To Live – Live Or Die) won the cup for the third time. The crowd rose and cheered him along the straight – partly recognising a great individual horse achieving a sensational three-in-a-row, but also because of the nature of that win. It is an extremely hard race to win, but to win it after giving away lengths at the start was phenomenal and deserving of total respect. And that’s what he got.

My week in Christchurch was a lovely one – seeing top horses and up-and-coming horses racing, but also being up close and personal with some newly born foals and some beautiful mares.

It was full on breeding and foaling time for Brian West at his property at Coe’s Ford, and he is overalls-on and hands-on (and hands-in of course!) regarding all the aspects of the breeding and raising of Studholme Bloodstock’s horses.

Lancome and foal

Lancome and foal both having lunch

Among the foals I saw most notably was a Bettor’s Delight colt from Brian West’s great mare Lancome. What a wonderful mum she is. The photo I took opposite shows mum and foal on day 2.

I also saw two very nice Tintin In Americas  from that sire’s second crop, as well as the yearling filly by Tintin In America from Brian’s mare A Legend that I’ve bought a half share in. My next blog will include some photos and more details about these foals.

But right now, I want to go back to Terror To Love’s family.

His dam Love To Live has produced a large number of filly foals for owner Terry McDonald, which are being bred from. Out of interest I’ll quickly review these (and you can always delve into the detail on the HRNZ Horse Info database for free). It’s not an outstanding family – but you can see the interest (and investment) gathering a bit of momentum as Terror To Love has climbed the heights of his career.

Terror To Love has an 11yo Soky’s Atom half sister (unraced) which Terry McDonald started breeding from recently for a Badlands Hanover (by Western Hanover) foal in 2012 and went back to Vintage Master (by Western Ideal) the next season.

Then there’s a 7yo Courage Under fire half sister who had four race starts for a third, but did well enough with a fourth to take a time of 1.57.6 over a mile at Ashburton  in 2009. She’s had a 2011 Santanna Blue Chip filly foal who is therefore just a 2yo now, and then a Jereme’s Jet (by Western Hanover) colt foal, and went last season to Mach Three.

Terror To Love’s qualified but unraced 5yo Artsplace half sister has a 2012 grey colt foal by Charles Bronson (for those not familiar with him, he’s a son of Christian Cullen out of a Falcon Seelster mare who stands at Pinelea Stud). The Artsplace mare then went to Somebeachsomewhere the following year – presumably due to be born or has been born.

His unraced 4yo half sister by Christian Cullen was served by Well Said (by Western Hanover) in 2012.

A 3yo Mach Three half sister qualified as a 2yo in January this year but not sighted so far this season. Her name is Mach’s Love, so keep an eye out fo that one, she’s trained by the Courts.

Terror To Love’s youngest half sisters are a 2yo Somebeachsomewhere filly, and a yearling filly by Rocknroll Hanover (by Western Ideal), and Love To Live is having a foal by Well Said this year.

It’s interesting how some mares leave a huge numbers of one sex – Terry McDonald is blessed with fillies because Western Terror has made such a mark, but as a keen racing man he must be looking forward to a colt foal soon.

You can see quite a range of breeding choices, with a fondness for Christian Cullen/Direct Scooter line and the sons of Western Ideal/Western Hanover, from where Western Terror came of course.

Certainly he’s giving the family every chance to revive its fortunes. It’s like so many families where an outstanding horse will pop out like a nugget in the river, and it is a breeder’s challenge whether to keep panning the same stream for more – and for how long.

Terror To Love’s maternal bottom line traces back to Roydon Dream, the dam of Roydon Scott and the great Royden Glen, so there have been other large nuggets of gold but quite a way upstream.

Terror To Love doesn’t need his family as a basis for success. He’s an amazing horse in his own right and it will be his own qualities rather than his pedigree that will deliver any future fortunes on the track or in the breeding barn.

Just a quick note about Western Terror, the sire of Terror To Love. He stood here in New Zealand for only three seasons for 169 live foals, with 73 winners which is not a bad ratio. They are all 5, 6 or 7yos now. Some of the best (apart from Terror To Love) would be Baby Bling, (18 wins, $767,000) and (My) Dusky Sound (13 wins, $132,000) who both happen to be on the card at Menangle tonight. Ted West is doing a good job here, Johnny Fox looks promising, (Sir) Bobby Lashley has done a good job in Australia, as has (Im) Corzin Terror.  Western Terror’s dam Arterra is a sister to Artiscape, and their dam Deliquent Account was a brilliant mare who paced as a 2yo but went on to win USTA and Canadian Older Pacing Mare of the Year awards. My overall impression is that Western Terror foals here  weren’t early types at all or had a temperament unsuited for early racing (i.e. a bit “hot headed”). He was bred himself on the classic Western Hanover/Artsplace cross, but that cross is a bit of a numbers game, and it is not something that has had a lot of relevance in New Zealand with our breeding pool. Western Terror continues to do the job as a sire in North america, standing for a respectable $7,500 and from 442 starters, is the sire of 281 in 2:00, 158 in 1:55, 12 in 1:50, with 6 millionaires to his credit. Several of his best have been by Matts Scooter mares.

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Shadow Play’s first qualifier in the Southern Hemisphere is the chestnut filly Lettuceplayginger, in Australia.

It’s interesting to see once again the predominance of Shadow Wave references in Shadow Play’s progeny to date. I blogged about this earlier, re Shadow Play’s qualifying and racing offspring in North America and then about what might suit him in New Zealand.

This filly is chokka with Shadow Play references, and also the Golden Miss line which has been so influential in the engine room of sires like Art Major, Real Desire, Grinfromeartoear, and the click with Breath O Spring/Old Maid and Good Time. so in terms of pedigree she is off to a damn good start.

Her dam Rollon Rodi is by Aces N Sevens who has No Nukes as his damsire and hence connections back to both Shadow Wave and Good Time (and then back to Nedda Guy). Aces N Sevens also has the Big Towner mare Town Tramp as his dam, so that brings in Shadow Wave again via Tiny Wave (who interestingly also goes back on her maternal lines to Nedda Guy).

Then the grandam of Lettuceplayginger is Remember Rodi, a very good Australian racehorse (1.57.4, 18 wins, $78,271 in the late 1980s and early 1990s), by Hilarion (a Meadowlands Pace winner) who brings Shadow Wave in again as his damsire, as well as that marvellous Golden Miss line via his sire Strike Out.  She’s a lovely broodmare who has left some nice racehorses by beautifully compatible sires like Grinfromeartoear (Grinforseymour) and Panorama (Rollon Seymour) as well as the very good Fake Left colt Rollon Bigred ($343,903).

There’s a New Zealand connection too – Remember Rodi’s dam Dorana Star is a daughter of Bachelor Star (a son of Bachelor Hanover) who is part of the family of Adio Star that produced Bionic Star who in turn produced one of my favourite mares in New Zealand’s racing history, Bionic Chance (18 wins,  $323,630).  Dorana Star produced not much else – but I notice that Remember Rodi and the colt she had by Hilarion were both chestnuts – no surprise since Hilarion’s sire Strike Out was a chestnut and his damsire Shadow Wave was also chestnut.  Not just that, Bachelor Hanover was also a chestnut!

So the chestnut filly Lettuceplayginger is carrying on a good line of colour and talent, and her breeders have chosen well in selecting Shadow Play as her sire.  It will be interesting to see how she develops.

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