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Five years on

It’s the start of Spring. The “down under” standardbred breeding season is about to begin. And it is almost 5 years since I wrote a B4breeding blog. So hello to anyone who is still following me, or who stumbles across this site when searching the web on a breeding topic – as several have done over the past few years, sometimes contacting me direct or making a comment on a blog which I have responded to.

This time around, the blogs will be less frequent. A lot of the information I wrote previously is still applicable – the historical information or the blogs on key or interesting bloodlines. Dive into those older blogs and explore!

I’ve created a new page (tab at the top of the home page – 2021 Bee’s breeding) which brings you up to date with my own horses. Recently retired, I am placing realistic financial boundaries on my ‘addiction’ while still enjoying the challenge of putting theory into practice – and watching what develops.

My next blog will take a closer look at the marvellous U7 family’s influence on current sires who have been or are available to New Zealand breeders, and I hope readers will add in comments one’s that I have missed or are not available here in New Zealand.

Remember that I am not an expert, just an explorer like we all are. I don’t have a long list of champion racehorses to my name. My current band of mares are not former Group 1 winners. One’s a free lease, one cost $1000, and my most recent purchase was $500. But all have something that caught my interest as a breeder and set me a challenge to realise their best potential as broodmares, whatever that turns out to be. I’ll introduce them to you as we go.

I love a challenge, aye!

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