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You know my interest in Tintin In America. I bred him, and I think he has the potential to be a good sire.

With that in mind, I have bred a mare to him (Sophie’s Choice which I blogged about before). I have also bought a half share in a Tintin In America x A Legend yearling filly bred by Brian West of Studholme Bloodstock.

Be A Legend

Be A Legend, yearling, November 2013

She was chosen mainly on type and family, rather than specific pedigree matching. I think it is really important as a breeder not to be so caught up in any pedigree matching theory that it dominates close observation of family and type, and a clear thinking process about why you are breeding and what you want out of the result. That’s why I like Brian West’s approach to managing his fillies; he has a good process which he follows to  discover the filly’s potential and allow good decisions to be made. That’s not the same as being ruthless or rigid. It is being clear headed and thoughtful, and he’s definitely a role model for me in that regard.

I’ve included the details of the pedigree match below. The closest duplications are Niatross and Albatross in the 4th and 5th generations. Both the sire and the dam have a 5×6 Tar Heel in good places. Other than that, there is the common stack of Meadow Skipper in the background (5th generation and further).

So let’s look at type and family.

I was visiting Brian earlier last year, and wanted to see some Tintin In America weanlings. He is willing to try new sires that showed that x factor on the track, and bred to Tintin in his first and second year as a sire. (I blogged on a couple of the current foals I saw in November at Studholme Bloodstock.)

Tintin In America x A Legend

Be A Legend – head takes after her damsire Safely Kept.

In the paddock with her filly friends, this yearling filly really caught my attention. She has “a head like Betty” – “Betty” being Bettor Cover Lover (who is no relation at all). I love horses with that look. There is something tough and noble about them. This filly gets the roman nose from her dam’s side. A Legend is by Safety Kept and he has a beautifully ugly head, very much the same.

A Legend is a half sister to the top horses Bit Of A Legend and London Legend. These are both horses I’ve followed and admired.

A Legend has a more modest record of 1 win and 1 place from 8 starts but showed ability. Her win was coming three wide from the back, sitting parked and fighting on hard. I like that sort of toughness.

The yearling is named Be A Legend, and will be broken in soon and trained by Cran Dalgety, who knows the family well of course. I’m lucky to get the chance to share in this adventure.

Tintin x A Legend

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