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Casie Coleman, your horse still runs damn fast! even on my slow computer! Congratulations!

Most days I love living rural in New Zealand and therefore having the scraps of broadband coverage.

But sometimes I really find it frustrating.

Little Brown Jug day –  my favourite day (which I attended when Mr Feelgood won it.)

But seeing it, catching up on it this year from Cambridge New Zealand is so difficult, and in the end I gave up.

These big North American races or the big European races are still hard to follow for those of us who have to work around other parts of our lives and can only get poor internet coverage of the events in rural NZ.  For the harness racing journalists here it is easy. But  I work full time and live semi rurally on a realistic budget, so  “live streaming” or watching race replays later that evening or even posting up my blogs, are dependent on my wifi broadband connection from a semi-rural location.

Even getting into Google is iffy, and the connections are as slow as “dial up” many times of the day.

In real terms this means I have yet to see any decent video of the Little Brown Jug, without constant stopping of the race to download the next part which totally disrupts the flow of the race. “Downloading” can be a long loop.

Which means in practical terms, I am sitting at my computer sometimes physically holding my T stick into the ether to catch the “wind” of our service provider aka Telecom. “Ello, ‘ello? anything there???”

It’s hard to feel the excitement of a very exciting day when everything is in slow-mo.

Casie, when Vegas Vacation stopped for several seconds in the race and did so many times –  so did ALL the other horses in the race, so I think that was okay, right?? – It’s a problem at our end, not yours!

Perhaps we need more “horse power” out here!! (Ok I know you have sent Betterthancheddar down here and I think that might help!)

P.S. Resistance Futile, Little Brown Jug heat winner, is a son of Capelo Rose who is a Camluck daughter of former superstar New Zealand mare Tuepelo Rose. Resistance Futile is her third foal. Her second foal is Marcepello Rose (Mach Three) who is the winner of $558,953 (1-51.3). However he broke in final when appearing to improve wide under pressure and came last.

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