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The winner on Cup Day….

I had a fantastic afternoon watching the coverage on Trackside TV. Since this was a leave day from work, my aim was to use the time between races to water the garden, tidy a few things, do the washing, you know the routine.

I was struggling before the first race even started, because the coverage was so good, so snappy yet insightful, so positive to watch, that my “between the races” was 5 minutes max.

So big kudos to the Trackside team including all those who front it, and especially those who planned and did it – and I know from my own job what sort of effort and resource would go into planning that coverage, probably from months back. You did it with real flair, and the editing for live TV was absolutely top of its class.

It was a stunning presentation of harness racing at its best, and if edited into a 40 min package for mainstream TV with some additional interviews around the “people stories”, it would make better viewing than most of the reality shows on prime time television. Passion, emotion, excellence, heart warming stories, fashion, sunshine, great looking sweaty horses, and of course the fantastic new “dashboard” showing km/hr and location on the track as well as the GoPro visuals.

Use it, don’t lose it!

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