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Welcome to the “Dream about Paris” competition. Paris Hanover was a Knight Dream foal from a Hal Dale mare called Precious Hal. We know the family best down under through New York Motoring and Artiscape (Happy Motoring).

This is a “friendly” for us to play over early winter.

Deadline is end of July.Paris Hanover competition

Unfortunately I can’t offer of trip to Paris as the prize. The prize will be the ideas and information we gather in, and also there may just bee (somewhere down in my bag of tricks) a reward for those who come up with the best presented answers. If I get plenty of good responses, I will look at donating a free share in one of my best bred horses, as I did for the last competition I ran (and that filly is out in our paddock now looking SO good). I have also been known to get a bottle of whiskey across to Australia as a thank you for a favour, so who knows what might happen.

Sharpen up your pencils, flick your mouses into life, and get going!

Entry details below.

What I want is this:

  1. A short summary of what you see as the most important contributions from Paris Hanover and her descendants. (not a cut and paste from Classic Families, but your own summary)
  2. Any interesting observations of what happened along the way – e.g. why certain lines might have fired (or not), or what sons did on the track or in the siring barn, her own pedigree etc.
  3. What you personally rate as her most important (ONE ONLY) contribution to the development of the standardbred breed and WHY (this need not be an individual horse).
  4. Your “perfect pedigree match” for any ONE female descendant of Paris Hanover (through male or female lines) who is currently of breeding age (2yo or older) – and this can be anywhere in the world.

Send all entries to bee.raglan@xtra.co.nz or use the response/comments on this blog (NOTE: I will not show/approve for publication any entries returned as comments until the competition is closed, so these will be regarded as personal and secure entries).

Length is not an issue, but be aware that I like things reasonably concise and readable! Take your time and have fun!

Any queries about the competition, just let me know. 

Postscript: Someone has asked: Is this a trick question because she is not part of a top famous family?
The answer is “NO”. She and her family/descendants are genuine contributors to standardbred breeding, and although I have always been interested in Peaches N Cream, I’ve never looked into the wider family backwards or forward. So I am interested in getting your thoughts and research and ideas on this family, centred around Paris Hanover. Explore Paris for me!

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