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Thanks to a chance meeting with Ian Grant at the Harness Jewels meeting (under brilliant sunshine and no wind at our local Cambridge Raceway, yes!) I can share a gold mine of great race videos that Ian recorded at the time, stored (and unlike most of us did not overtape or chuck out) and transferred to digital format for uploading on YouTube. These are the videos that Ian recorded on the old Trackside or equivalent channels, but the originals from those sources seem to have been discarded. So : Thank you Ian!

The easiest way to get to it is Goggle: ¬†Ian Grant Robalan. That will allow you to click on Ian’s name and get to his gallery of videos. Interviews with the trainers and drivers of the time, classic races, and all sorts. Or click here

I was keen on races in the 1970s but got a wee bit diverted in the 1980s so here is a great chance to see some horses in action that are only names to me.

Including Robalan – like, I didn’t realise he was a pacer who raced without hopples. What a win! So exciting!

And what an interesting family that was, a real “one out of the box” which reminds me of Flashing Red in many ways. His family has struggled to kick on anything new but…. I will do a catch up on its most interesting newcomer shortly.

P.S. Bet only tiny interest bets on the Jewels, but want to share the results – lots of fourths and fifths, and won it all back on a bet on a pacing-bred trotter, only because I looked for the best gait in the prelims. Phew! But what an enjoyable day!

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