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Thanks so much to all of you who entered my “boutique” competition about matching my mare  The Blue Lotus with the most suitable sire available.

It’s been fun and more than 20 entries received, and most of them being well thought out suggestions, which is what the competition was all about. A challenge.

I’ve met new and old connections through this, and it has been a real pleasure.

And a share of the subsequent foal as a prize.

You don’t stick to a word limit any more than I do, so I just overlooked that.

Competition is now closed.

Results by mid August.

I have to say that may of you know much more about breeding and pedigree matching than I do, and that’s great.  I love the knowledge and experience (and also “left field” ideas)  you bring to the table because my aim is to have a blogsite that helps us all learn and recognises those who are trying new or successful things. That includes me. I have found a lot of learning in the responses, and I appreciate the thought many of you have put into your entries.  I want to showcase what you have done, so will post up all entries (unedited) for people to read by mid August when the winner is announced.


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