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Just back from my hugely enjoyable trip to the South Island, where I took in Show Day at Addington, and caught up with some of my youngsters at Studholme Bloodstock (thanks to Brian West and family for a lovely time and taxi service) and Macca Lodge (thanks to Brent and Sheree McIntyre for great southern hospitality).

Highlights were seeing Tintin In America looking in fine fettle at Nevele R – thanks so much to Nikki Reed for showing me around, not just Tintin but the other sires there, all in their paddocks, covers on, a bit muddy. That’s what I love seeing – some of the best horses in the world (A Rocknroll Dance, Gold Ace, McArdle, his son Tintin In America, and the great Christian Cullen) just hanging out and being normal horses!

The day before I had caught up with the 3yo Tintin In America filly co-owned by Brian and myself, recently qualified and now having a good break at Brian’s property. Her name is Be A Legend, and she has grown into a striking filly who will get better with another 6 months of growing and strengthening up. Worth the wait.

Another highlight was when Brent McIntyre took me over the backroads of Southland to meet John and Judy Stiven of Arden Lodge fame. They are passionate about breeding and harness racing, and really thoughtful in the way they have gone about developing their band of mares. It was great seeing some of those quality offspring and learning from John about his breeding decisions. Their mare Winter Rose won the NZSBA/PGG Wrightson Broodmare of Excellence 2015 presented on the Monday night function in Cup Week. Much deserved, as she has a fine record as a broodmare – she’s the dam of Bettor’s Strike, Southwind Arden, and the newcomer Arden’s Choice (more on her in another blog) amongst others.

Of course the other highlight for me was catching up with the two mares and foals I have at Macca Lodge, that I’ve never seen before in person: Dreamy Romance and her Big Jim filly, and Nostaglic Franco and her Tintin In America colt. (Those links will take you to my blogs where I look at the match resulting in these foals). All looking great! And so good to see those mares up close and get a real impression of them, which will help me make future decisions.


Be A Legend 3yo filly Tintin In America x A Legend

Be A Legend 3yo filly Tintin In America x A Legend (Safely Kept)

Breeder Bee Pears with sire Tintin In America (NZ)

Bee reconnecting with Tintin In America at Nevele R – and no, he didn’t try to nip me!

Tintin In America

Eye-to-eye with Tintin In America

Nostalgic Franco and her Tintin In America colt foal at Macca Lodge

Nostalgic Franco and her Tintin In America colt foal at Macca Lodge

Dreamy Romance and her Big Jim filly foal at Macca Lodge

Dreamy Romance and her Big Jim filly foal at Macca Lodge


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It’s an interesting development just how quickly sons of Somebeachsomewhere have appeared on the scene – and especially interesting here in New Zealand where the sire himself is still struggling to get any long-term traction. His mares/live foals statistics to date here are: 2010 16/4; 2011 13/4; 2012 1/1; 2013 75/56; 2014 88/34 (but “no returns” yet); and last season he served 35 mares. There have been reasons for these figures including some issues with his frozen semen. However they also reflect a “stand back and see” attitude that happens with some top new sires but not others, and it isn’t always easy to pick why. Art Major has had the same battle, but overcoming it now. There’s also been reports from “across the ditch” (i.e. Australia) that his progeny have been quite hard to get going. Of course rumours are always a challenge for sires and can be the final straw in some cases. But there was some indication that, with our different style of racing and training, and different breeds of mares, Somebeachsomewhere was not a “given”.

As can happen, it is likely a son of Somebeachsomewhere may pick up support and breeders’ interest skip over a “puzzle” in favour of one of his sons who is more readily available and perhaps has a maternal pedigree that appeals more with our mares.

So far it looks like we may have access to three sons (although I have not heard anything yet to confirm Captain Treacherous’ availability downunder).

The others are Alabar’s Sunshine Beach, and Macca Lodge’s Net Ten EOM. The latter is less proven, although obviously had a heap of talent. The other two raced at the top end for a couple of years at least, and Captain Treacherous was magnificent as a 3yo.

What these three have in common is a very strong maternal pedigree that offers some real potential in matching with our mares. And perhaps this is the area that Somebeachsomewhere found trickiest with us – Beach Towel and Cam Fella are both highly respected here, but are not seen as types that have worked particularly well with our types of mares.

Captain Treacherous is from the stunning Romola Hal family, and one of its most brilliant branches. He’s closely related to Art Major, Perfect Art and Panspacificflight. His damsire is Artsplace and his grandamsire is Nihilator, one of the toughest high-speed machines we have seen. My favourite engine-room sires are stacked in his bottom lines – Big Towner, Shadow Wave, Tar Heel. I’ve blogged about Captain Treacherous as a sire and his maternal line previously – check it out here

I covered Net Ten EOM in that same blog – his maternal line is a less spectacular but extremely solid one. He was a very quick horse himself but retired from injury before making his mark on the big stage. His damsire is Artsplace and his grandamsire is Matt’s Scooter. It is the same maternal line as Well Said ($2.5m), and it is a family that has crossed well with Artsplace (and then to the Western Hanover line in the case of Well Said). In his first season here as frozen semen at Macca Lodge he got 32 mares. I’m impressed by his credentials and the ability of Brent McIntyre to suss out a very interesting and well-bred sire who could work well here (as Panspacificflight is looking like he will be).

Sunshine Beach is the latest announcement from Alabar.  Sunshine Beach is also from an Artsplace mare. It is interesting how all of them are from an Artsplace mare – and you may recall the link I made to Ray Chaplin’s theory that this was not necessarily the “rainbow” match it appeared to be. Must see how his research is progressing… But for now, it is just interesting to note – and not all that surprising since North America is awash with nice Artsplace mares whose owners are looking for the pot of gold.

Sunshine Beach also has a really lovely maternal line in terms of producers and performers. His second dam Lights On was a damn good 2yo filly by Jate Lobell – and that adds another interesting element to this sire’s pedigree, and one which will resonate with downunder breeders, particularly in Australia. What’s extra interesting for me is that Sunshine Beach’s maternal line is that of Golden Miss, in this case the amazing Shifting Sands/Shifting Scene line through a daughter of Shifting Scene called Blue Gingham. This line is a hugely successful maternal line producing sires and females that breed on. Blue Gingham’s best foal by far was the very good filly Enroute, who won $753, 658, and she also had a decent son by Jate Lobell called Armbro Khaki. One of her daughters called Armbro Invite had a super son called Armbro Proposal who went 1.48.2 and earned over $1m. Those of you who are interested in pedigrees will see some very interesting double ups in Armbro Proposal’s pedigree (thanks to Classic Families) with the reintroduction of Golden Miss and also Shadow Wave.

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There are some good opportunities to look at and perhaps buy some young standardbreds in the latter part of this month (May), with the North and South Island weanling/mixed stock sales, and Macca Lodge’s current Southern Geared Yearling Sale.

The Macca Lodge sale is on now – and it gives people the opportunity to try before they buy. Read about it here.

Ashleighs Flight yearling filly

Ashleighs Flight yearling filly in the Macca Lodge geared sale, May 2014

One that really caught my eye was Ashleighs Flight by the Western Hanover line sire Panspacificflight from Albaglory (a daughter of Quest For Glory, and so related to Averil’s Quest, New Age Man amongst others). It’s a family that has produced some good horses over the years, but not consistently. One branch that has been showing up very well lately is Averil’s Atom, with matchings to Badlands Hanover (Western Hanover sire line) resulting in Averil’s Quest and to McArdle (who has Nihilator as his damsire) resulting in her speedy half sister Fizzi Lizzi, so this filly’s cross with Panspacificflight ticks both those boxes. I’ve blogged earlier on Panspacificflight. Just on type this yearling filly looks the part and I like what Hamish Hunter says about her.

The PGG Wrightson Auckland All Age and Mixed Sale will this year be held on Friday the 30 May at Karaka, but the inspection of the Alabar weanling draft is this Sunday, 1-3pm at Alabar Stud. The pedigrees and photos from Alabar’s weanling draft are online here. While much of the interest will focus around the siblings to Isaiah, State Of Affairs and Offtocullect, I’ll take a very quick look at two fillies that appealed to me.

Lot 44 - Shadow Play x  Splish Splash Filly

Lot 44 – Shadow Play x Splish Splash Filly

I’d be interested to see how Lot 44 the Shadow Play filly from Splish Splash turns out. My god, that mare stamps her foals with the family looks! (Although I think that Shadow Play’s sire The Panderosa was chestnut too). Like Quest For Glory mentioned above, the Splish Splash family can shoot up a really good one now and then, but she has not been a consistent producer so far. What I really like about this weanling is the cross with Shadow Play. Check out the pedigree and then my blog on crosses with Shadow Play – search the blogsite for “Shadow Play” and you will come up with a few blogs on him. On type (only from the photo) she looks a strong filly with plenty of growing to do, not pretty but quite unusually striking. In some ways she reminds me a wee bit of Classical who was a stocky, almost big boned chestnut yearling when I first saw her, and of course went on to be a champion filly. It’s hard to tell, and I don’t have such a good eye as many who can “see” the future horse in a weanling.

Lot 52 is an athletic type of filly by Real Desire from a mare that’s half to the dam of Let’s Elope and Five Star Anvil. You might be picking up a real bargain here, given the thumping Real Desire took at the yearling sales! I like the cross, and the pedigree has some of those hard working, under-rated damsires I like – Troublemaker, Big Towner, Shadow Wave as well as doses of Adios. There’s Golden Miss on the sires maternal line, and Barbara Direct on the dam’s bottom line. Those are two damn good references. 

PGG Wrightson Autumn Weanling & All Age Sale at the Canterbury Agricultural Park is on tomorrow, 15 May, and I’ll be keen to see how some of the lots sell. You can see them on the Nevele R website, at least for now

Tintin In America colt from Arma Class

Tintin In America colt from Arma Class

– a good range of established and newer sires. Of particular interest to me are the Tintin In America weanlings of course, and I thought Lot 52 (colt) and Lot 54 (filly) were very nice looking types. He does seem to leave good lookers, well proportioned. See my blog on Tintin In America as a sire and on my own yearling filly.

I was also  interested to see photos of the Vintage Masters (and in Alabar’s draft the Big Jims) as they were such different types of stallions and racehorses themselves, although both sons of Western Ideal. At Nevele R I like the look of Lot 58, a colt by Vintage Master from Emma Grace (from the Vicario family). Lot 74 is another nice looking Vintage Master from the good producer Nemesis Choice. The two Changeovers (Lot 55  a strong looking filly and Lot 55 a long barrelled colt) also appeal. The colt may lack a bit of depth of chest but having seen the way Changeovers develop into strapping yearlings, I can visualise him looking quite bold as he grows – and I’m a sucker for those roman noses.

I’ll make some additions to this blog after the sales.

Post script 15 May:

Just had an initial look at results from the PGG Weanling and All Aged Sale today, and the prices show how much this is a buyers market. Apart from a few exceptions, prices would hardly cover the feed costs for most of them. So weanling and all aged sales are still in the era of  “clearance” sales, which is not where we want weanlings to be. Weanling sales are a huge opportunity to even out the buyers and producers return on investment, to make a reasonable sale price that delivers fairly to both. But the balance so far is not fair. “Fair” of course is an emotional term, so in my next blog I will look at why the lack of definition in our industry about “What we are” is creating a very confused market for all.

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