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Kym Kearns describes this colt as probably the best type her mare Sun Isa has produced to date, and that’s a big call since the siblings have all been very good-looking horses.

Angus Hall x Sun Isa yearling colt.

Isa The Great

Isa The Great after his weekend wash.

“Hank” as we call him, is the 6th foal from Sundon mare Sun Isa and her 4th son. She leaves strikingly good-looking horses, big and bold, and with plenty of ability.

Kym retained the previous foal, a filly named Library Lady, who is now a very strong 2yo with a lovely trotting action.

Previous foals from Sun Isa are: Flying Isa (56 starts, 17 wins, $481,667), Isa Smiling (very talented, 3 wins, now dam of a 2yo colt), Angus Fogg (late developing but talented 5yo trained by Derek Balle), Isa Flyer (died recently in paddock accident),  Library Lady, and Isa The Great. The first four foals were all sold at the PGG Wrightson yearling sales, and that is where Isa The Great is heading to.

Sun Isa

Kym with Sun Isa at Isa Lodge, after her Spring wash and brush.

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The more I see this filly (out my window every day) the more I like what I see.

A Rocknroll Dance x The Blue Lotus yearling filly.

The Blue Beat

After her shower, looking gorgeous.

“Iris”, as we call her, moves easily, naturally and she has attitude but manners. She is starting to mature and understand things.

Last weekend, we brought the mums in from other paddocks for a wash, and then their yearling offspring at our home paddocks, also for a wash and brush. Lots of winter hair was shed, lots of enjoyment under the shower!

Below: The Blue Beat – finally got a registered name for this filly, and it is a cracker! The Blue Beat, the rock n roll song made famous in Australasia by our own wonderful Dinah Lee. “Come on and do the blue beat, the blue beat, and you’ll never be blue!” Hey, if you’re my age you will remember bopping around the living room to this song.

The Blue Beat

A Rocknroll Dance x The Blue Lotus

Below: The Blue Lotus, dam of The Blue Beat, Amazon Lily (3 wins, 6 placings from 13 starts) and Blackend (Shadow Play colt broken in well for Australian owner Domenic Martello) looking great and very much in foal with her next Shadow Play offspring.

The Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus

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I want to tell you a very personal story about a gelding called Silk Singlet. His sire was Silk Legacy, a son of the great mare Silk Stockings, and  his dam was a New Zealand mare called Scenic Flight. He was bred in Wesport by A J Rogers and Mrs C E Rogers, and born in 1989.

Silk Singlet raced in New Zealand as a 4yo, 5yo and 6yo (from 1994-1996) for Peter Yeatman and was driven by Jim Curtin. He had some success – 6 wins – before being sold to North America. There he continued to be moderately successful until his 1998/99 seasons when, after moving to Canada, he had a great run of consistent performances in well-staked claiming races to notch up over $190,000 in each of those two consecutive years. He took his record of 1.52 in 1999 as a 10yo at Woodbine and last raced in 2003 as a 13yo. Crikey what a campaigner. In 2002 he had 26 starts for 8 wins and 7 places but obviously for much lower stakes, and even in his last year he had a 2nd from just 2 starts.

He ended up with total earnings of over $580,000 and 51 wins.

Silk Singlet

My connection with Silk Singlet is nothing to do with those statistics. It began with listening to harness racing commentaries on the radio and later on Trackside (although I can find no video record on Silk Singlet’s races). Whether it was a particular race I heard or and integral part of his racing style, I can’t recall, but what I associate Silk Singlet with was a flying run down the outside of the track. This is the association I transferred (along with moving Silk Singlet to Hutt Park, the Wellington track I frequented but he never raced on, and adding in a field of horses created by my own imagination) to a short story I wrote back in 1995. This was the era when I would often head out to the night trots with a friend or two and a flask of brandy or whiskey in the back pocket, and spend a frosty evening in the stand taking one dollar each ways and having a hot dog, or maybe a picnic in summer on the benches just around the first corner. Also an era when I wrote and shared short stories.

And that is how Silk Singlet ended up as the hero of this short story, and an emblem of love, loss and sexiness.

Silk Singlet by Bee Pears.


Pedigree notes:

Silk Singlet is by Silk Legacy (a son of the great mare Silk Stockings, and so a half brother to Temujin) and a Waratah mare called Scenic Flight. Her pedigree included the half siblings Light Brigade and The Old Maid. Scenic Flight had just two foals, both colts, and interestingly the other called Innocent Flight (by Clever Innocence) did most of his racing in Australia and ended up with 10 wins, 14 places and $48,377 from 41 starts. Of course Clever Innocence brought yet another dose of The Old Maid into the pedigree mix with Scenic Flight. 

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Some snapshots of yearlings on parade and sales days 2016 – a reflection on the commitment of breeders, preparers and assistants to develop and present an outstanding and often much loved product – as well as an acknowledgement of the tension of that moment in the parade and sales ring. Tip o’ the hat.


In the moment











Connection 4

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Introducing my yearlings grown up and almost ready to go.

This time of the year is the “sneaky peek at the presents”. In this case not Christmas presents but the yearlings that will be up for sale in February 2016 – and it is a very interesting catalogue, thank heavens, after a drought for a couple of years.

Introducing you to my two yearlings, whom I have blogged about before as they developed.

It seems such a long time since I saw “Leo” (Shadow Play x The Blue Lotus) and Taffey (Rock N Roll Heaven x Zenterfold) as shy foals alongside their much loved mums.

Here they are now with only weeks to go before the yearling sale in February at Karaka. They are teenagers with personality and bodies that are well enough developed to show off type and character.

Luckily I have two lovely ones to put up and heartfelt thanks to the mares Zenterfold and her daughter The Blue Lotus.

The Shadow Play colt is well grown, athletic and has personality plus, a guy with a sense of play but wanting to have something to do. He will come up as a 2yo but if someone has the patience, he will be so much better as a 3yo. I love this colt. He is so interested in life, loves being around people and even not fazed by standing right outside our house rather than in a paddock. He is curious, learns fast, he thinks.

Here are two more personal photos for my blog followers about The Snow Leopard (Shadow Play x The Blue Lotus).

Similar for my filly from Zenterfold, will follow.

Kym Kearns

Preparer Kym Kearns with The Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard

Leo aka The Snow Leopard, getting to know where we live.

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Went to see this filly foal last weekend and delighted with her, and lovely to see The Blue Lotus looking so good at Alabar. Thanks guys!

This is a lovely A Rocknroll Dance foal .

The Blue Lotus’s first foal is the Bettor’s Delight filly Amazon Lily – 3 starts, 2 wins. (Forget that last race. She was the only one willing to challenge the hot favourite leader until the last swoop, and paid the price.) Proud of her. The next foal is the Shadow Play yearling colt who is a stunning type with heaps of character, and off to the sales in February (Lot 100 at Karaka), and this filly is her 3rd foal.

Reminder – The Blue Lotus is a Grinfromeartoear mare – look what she is producing! There are some really nice Grin mares out there that deserve a chance with well matched sires.

Contact me on bee.raglan@xtra.co.nz if you want some ideas/advice/encouragement to breed from your mare.

Filly foal A Rocknroll Dance x The Blue Lotus

Filly foal A Rocknroll Dance x The Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus foal by A Rocknroll Dance – lovely type and he is leaving some very nice foals.

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It is late in the season now, and some of us (me included) are still waiting to see if/when some of our mares are positive.

Others still have a mare to breed (or not) and can’t decide.

So what do you do for that last minute fertile “go for it” low-cost service?

The Christmas shop window is full of enticing goods displayed. I’m talking here as a NZ breeder as the local low-cost scene in Australian states is completely different and wider but possible with less performed sires.

But when I look at options like Smiling Shard, Mr Feelgood, Highview Tommy, Tintin In America, Raging Bull, and Alta Christiano….just to name a few….my goodness, we are spoilt for choice (even if not spoilt for numbers of buyers later on!!)

The thing that attracts me with some of these cheaper options is that they are not a “discount” in terms of value.  Mr Feelgood and Smiling Shard are two quite different examples of that. You could not get better performers and good maternal lines to back them up. Forget about the Grinfromeartoear factor if you don’t hold that sire in high regard. These are matches that have clicked in a very fundamental way and given their chance will be good sires. Smiling Shard has foals on the ground and the ones I have seen look good. Mr Feelgood too, but foals are only in Australia where the reports sound very good in terms of  type. Big numbers over there for that sire last season, and NZ breeders can ride on the back of that as they show up as he will have only a few here in NZ.

Alta Christiano and Raging Bull are both by our best sire line downunder – In The Pocket and his son Christian Cullen, but importantly crossed with great mares or families. You’d add in Stunin Cullen to that list of course, and with his first yearlings going to the sales in 2016 you can do your homework locally and check out what the types are like.

Now I want to do a plug for the sire I bred, Tintin In America, because having put my money and breeding choices where my mouth is, I’ve got some really nice results to share. And it gives some of you, hopefully, more confidence about choosing him as a sire. If you mare is nicely bred, good size but needs speed – go for it. If your mare has speed but lacked stamina, remember he went on to win as a 4yo in the Messenger and was runner up to Monkey King in the Auckland Cup. Check back on my blog re things in pedigrees that I think click well with this family.

Bee’s Christmas Shop Window of a Tintin foal, a Tintin yearling and a Tintin 3yo filly:

  • Jack Tar (yearling) – Tintin In America x Sophie’s Choice currently spelling after breaking in with Brent and Sue Donnelly (great people to deal with, lovely with the young horses). They are really pleased with the way he broke in and his attitude.
  • Next is my latest Tintin – from the Rustler Hanover mare Nostalgic Franco. Look at this photo – doesn’t it remind you of the way Tintin just stood there, waiting, knowing, before his big races? He’s down south at Macca Lodge and Brent McIntyre describes him as a standout foal.
  • Finally we have 3yo filly Be A Legend, from a Safely Kept mare and a good family. She has that tough roman nose and the Tintin attitude – harness that and you have a winning racehorse. So far, so good and tip o’ the hat to Chris McDowell in Christchurch for the preps and getting her qualified. He has really understood how you can work with their keenness and energy rather than fighting it. “Harnessing” the qualities as well as the horse. Thanks Chris!


Jack Tar (yearling)

Jack Tar by Tintin In America

Jack Tar with Sue Donnelly – spunky, willing and lovely temperament

Tintin In America foal from Nostalgic Franco:

Tintin In America colt foal 2015

Tintin colt standing like Tintin In America used to before his races. This foal has a real presence about him.

The 3yo filly Be A Legend:

Be A Legend

Powerful back end and some real attitude – I like this filly!

Be A Legend by Tintin In America

Worth waiting for – she’s getting to be a strong, bold filly.


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