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A very proud day – Kym’s first win at Alexandra Park as a trainer, with the 5yo Elsu mare she also owns.

We know her as “Georgie” but her racing name is Souvenir Glory. Lightly raced – this is just her 18th start over 3 seasons, she has been an important part of Kym’s learning curve as a trainer. Her dam is Holmes Hanover mare Tra De Mur, now retired from breeding, and none of her foals have turned out to be stars. However what Souvenir Glory brings to the table is a desire to give all she can, to compete and do her best each time. She’s a gutsy little mare, with real character. Like many of the Elsus (and there were three Elsu winners at Thames Racing Club meeting at Alexandra Park today) she is a genuine “bread and butter” horse – and this time there was a bit of jam with the bread and butter!

Congratulations Kym! Tip o’ the hat to driver Kyle Marshall! Apples tomorrow for Georgie!

Souvenir Glory

Souvenir Glory winning at the 3 May Thames Racing Club meeting at Alexandra Park.  Photo Bee Pears

Kym picked her out at the Alabar Weanling Inspection in 2010, and bought her at the PGG Wrightson Broodmare and All Aged Sale a couple of weeks later.

(Just a reminder – the same Parade and Sale sequence is coming up on Sunday 10 May with the Alabar open day inspection of their weanling draft, followed by the PGG Wrightson Autumn Weanling and All Aged Sale on Wednesday 20 May at Karaka. A great chance to see a number of foals from a wide range of sires and maybe pick out a bargain. There is a similar sale in Christchurch on 29 May.)

Home straight Souvenir Glory in lead

Home straight with Souvenir Glory in lead.  Photo Bee Pears

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Kym with Sun Isa

Kym with Sun Isa

The Pegasus Spur x Sun Isa colt bred by Kym Kearns is the new Australasian record holder for the mile trot.

As Michael Guerin says, it indicates how unlucky he was to miss a spot in the big trot on Interdominion day.

Congratulations to the owners, some of whom bought the full brother at the Karaka yearling sales three weeks ago.

Read more about Kym and the Sun Isa family here

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Here’s a photo that captures the joie de vivre of young horses, given a bit of sunshine in the middle of winter.

The happy chappy is a weanling colt from bred by Kym Kearns at Isa Lodge, and a full brother to Flying Isa (Pegasus Spur x Sun Isa), and is aptly named Isaputtingonmytophat, after the song “Top hat, white tie and tails” made famous by the likes of Fred Astaire, Tony Bennett and Ella Fitzgerald, but originally written by Irving Berlin.

The full lyrics are below the photo. But I love the line “And I trust that you’ll excuse my dust when I step on the gas…”


Top Hat, White Tie and Tails

I just got an invitation through the mails:
“Your presence requested this evening, it’s formal
A top hat, a white tie and tails”
Nothing now could take the wind out of my sails
Because I’m invited to step out this evening
With top hat, white tie and tails

I’m putting on my top hat
Tying up my white tie
Brushing off my tails

I’m dudeing up my shirt front
Putting in the shirt studs
Polishing my nails

I’m stepping out, my dear
To breathe an atmosphere that simply reeks with class
And I trust that you’ll excuse my dust when I step on the gas

For I’ll be there
Putting down my top hat
Mussing up my white tie
Dancing in my tails.

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A recent article in Breeding Matters, the magazine of the New Zealand Standardbred Breeders Assn, talks about the skills and understanding that Kym Kearns brings to her work with horses. I’ve reproduced that article so more people can get to read it.

I’m lucky to have Kym’s involvement in raising and preparing the horses I breed. I see first hand the added value I get from this.

One story she’s told me that wasn’t included in the article, is the time when a young Kym led her horse up the steps of her family’s home, on to the verandah and in the front door. (Needless to say no-one else was home at the time!) After letting the horse have a good look around, she backed him out again – no damage done. This wasn’t an old horse with no energy and perfect manners. This was a relatively young horse she had broken in and educated herself, if I recall right it was a Arabian thoroughbred called Blue.  Her

Kym Kearns allows Tintin's yearling half brother Destination Moon to inspect the float

reasoning, as a teenager, was that she was familiar with where he lived, his paddock, his home. So she wanted to reciprocate and give him a look at where she lived.  It’s an insight into the mutual respect she builds with a horse that enabled them both to walk such a risky line!

Much later, 2006 it would be, I watched her walking yearling Tintin in America around the Cambridge Raceway and quietly letting him inspect and get familiar with all the surroundings, including the  “trainers tote” box where in future many dollars were passed over the counter and placed on Tintin the very successful racehorse! 

Kym has the patience to build a horse’s confidence within clear boundaries. Their curiosity is all part of their mental development, and her curiosity about what makes them tick, individually, helps her ‘read’ a horse and develop its character and potential.

That lays a foundation that asute trainers can – and do – build on.

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