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It’s always great to see a horse you’ve bred make it to the racetrack, even if it is low key workouts at Alexandra Park.

This morning it was the 3yo Angus Hall trotter Kym Kearns bred from her mare Sun Isa, so he is a half-brother to Flying Isa.

She named him after the successful NZ V8 SuperTourer driver, Angus Fogg.

The colt had his first workout at the Park under Derek Balle’s colours. He was purchased by John Street (Lincoln Farms) at the 2013 yearling sales but was never a natural 2yo. He simply kept growing, and his gait wasn’t great at first. So Lincoln Farms made the call to send him to Derek Balle, who is so good with trotters, and now – at a majestic 16.1h – he is starting to get the hang of it.

Angus Fogg didn’t disappoint today, getting away faultlessly from the standing start and maintaining the lead at a qualifying sort of rate until the last 20m when he skipped and broke. Derek said it was his fault, not the horse’s, and he remained very pleased with the run.

On course to watch him was his namesake Angus Fogg and partner Tracy Smytheman, who really enjoyed the experience. They’ve seen Angus as a wee foal and now he’s a big handsome good-natured fellow with plenty of fun ahead.

Angus Fogg Derek Balle and Angus Fogg

Namesake Angus Fogg and Derek Balle with Angus Fogg. Photo Bee Pears

Angus Fogg 3yo trotting colt by Angus Hall from Sun Isa.

Angus Fogg – 3yo trotting colt by Angus Hall from Sun Isa – at the workouts 2 May 2015. Photo Bee Pears.

Angus Fogg with Angus Fogg

Angus Fogg giving a few speed tips to Angus Fogg. Photo Bee Pears.

  • Read more about his pedigree and background here and here.
  • Read about Angus Fogg, racing car driver here.


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With the change of seasons and daylight savings finishing, its been a rush to complete some tasks and get other schedules organised before winter really sets in.

Thank heavens the mini-drought in the Waikato ended with some really good, consistent rainfalls, and while other areas of New Zealand (like our compatriots in Christchurch) have had to deal with flooding, we are just grateful to see the paddocks turning green again and the temperatures holding up to allow some decent grass growth.

One of the most enjoyable things about being breeders, is following the horses we’ve sold as they develop and race. The highlights in the past month or so have been two lovely wins by Destination Moon (Grinfromeartoear x Zenterfold) at our local Cambridge raceway, and then yesterday morning’s workouts in Cambridge we caught Angus Fogg (Angus Hall x Sun Isa) having a learners heat as a 2yo trotter – looking a very handsome fellow and getting around without any mistakes. He was bought at th 2013 sales by Lincoln Farms and trained by Ray Green, who intends just to keep giving him experience and education without any pressure to race early.

In both his wins at Cambridge, Destination Moon totally dominated the field and showed his very good speed at both ends of the races. He now has 5 wins and 5 places from 16 starts and just over $27,000 in stakes. Whether he will make it into the Harness Jewels field (Emerald) is hard to tell. With a good draw over a mile at Cambridge he would be a real chance to get in the money.

Photos below: Top, the winners circle on 27 March, with driver Josh Dickie and co-trainer Simon McMullan, and if you look carefully, there is a very proud breeder leaning over the picket fence behind Destination Moon.

Below that, is a shot taken during his race on 17 April.

Both photos were taken by Phil Williams of Fokus Harness Photography who records all the Cambridge races and does a fantastic job – check out the site at www.fokusharness.co.nz

Destination Moon, winner Cambridge 27 March 2014. Photo: Fokus Harness Photography

Destination Moon, winner Cambridge 27 March 2014. Photo: Fokus Harness Photography



Destination Moon, winner at Cambridge 17 April 2014. Photo: Fokus Harness Photography

Destination Moon, winner at Cambridge 17 April 2014. Photo: Fokus Harness Photography


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Angus Fogg Lot 69 is on his way to Karaka sales complex.

Here are some photos of Kym Kearns giving him a wash before loading him on the float for the 2-hour trip from Cambridge to Auckland.

He’s grown into a lovely strong type, and will end up being a bit bigger than we initially thought. A really handsome fella with a lovely personality. He’s keen to get started!

I’d like to wish all breeders and vendors a really good sale. It is a nervous time, and takes less than 5 minutes in the ring to bring a result for many months of hard work and tender loving care.

Isa Lodge proudly presents Angus Fogg (Angus Hall x Sun Isa), half brother to Flying Isa.

Angus Fogg yearling

Shower time!

Angus Fogg yearling

Aren’t I handsome!

Angus Fogg yearling

On his way to a towel down.

Angus Fogg yearling

Smart new jacket

Angus Fogg yearling

Loaded and ready to go.
See you at the Sales!

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The first 2013 yearling sales lot I want to look at is Lot 69 at the Australasian Classic sale (Karaka), named Angus Fogg after the New Zealand V8 racing car driver.

This is a young colt I’ve been keeping my eye on – literally.

If I look out the window from where I sit at my computer, there he is. I’ve been watching his development with interest.

Angus Fogg with Angus Fogg

Angus Fogg and partner Tracy visit mare Sun Isa and young foal Angus Fogg at Breckon Farms.

Angus Fogg is the latest offering by Isa Lodge partner Kym Kearns.

He’s a half brother to Flying Isa, who was a big, bold colt, very much in the mould of his dam, the Sundon mare Sun Isa and her dam, the Count Bay mare Isa Countessa.

This time the colt has taken after his sire, Angus Hall, in terms of type.

And that’s something Kym appreciates:

He’s an athletic type.  He’s a 4 December foal, but you may be surprised by his physical forwardness. The breed has a tendency to be slightly turned out in the front, but this never stopped Flying Isa – or indeed the great Sundon (the dam’s sire).  What I would say about his legs is that they are strong and really push his movement forward in a lovely motion. I like him.

From a breeding perspective, the main interest lies in the fact that it’s the first crop of Angus Hall here. There are only two at the sales (this colt and a filly at Karaka, and a colt from Landoras Special at the Premier Day One sale in Christchurch).  Of course Angus Hall has only been available via frozen semen. His first crop of 18 foals came from 27 mares served – a not bad 72% fertility. He got about the same number of mares the next year. Given what a class act he is as a sire, it would be tragic if he wasn’t supported enough to retain his services for a few more years.

Lot 69 at Karaka has a pedigree that creates some very interesting double ups to one of trotting’s golden families – Goddess Hanover and her daughters Arpege and Cassin Hanover – via the Count Bay connection on the yearling’s maternal lines. The dam of Count Bay, Baynie, is a full sister to world champion trotter and sire Ayres, and both are progeny of Arpege. The only other sires we’ve had access to in New Zealand with these bloodlines has been Straphanger (via his damsire Texas) and more recently Thanksgiving (who has Ayres as his grandamsire).

Angus Hall has the connection twice, on his sire line and his maternal line.

You can read the details of this (and photos we took of the colt this morning) on this blogsite page.

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