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It’s always great to see a horse you’ve bred make it to the racetrack, even if it is low key workouts at Alexandra Park.

This morning it was the 3yo Angus Hall trotter Kym Kearns bred from her mare Sun Isa, so he is a half-brother to Flying Isa.

She named him after the successful NZ V8 SuperTourer driver, Angus Fogg.

The colt had his first workout at the Park under Derek Balle’s colours. He was purchased by John Street (Lincoln Farms) at the 2013 yearling sales but was never a natural 2yo. He simply kept growing, and his gait wasn’t great at first. So Lincoln Farms made the call to send him to Derek Balle, who is so good with trotters, and now – at a majestic 16.1h – he is starting to get the hang of it.

Angus Fogg didn’t disappoint today, getting away faultlessly from the standing start and maintaining the lead at a qualifying sort of rate until the last 20m when he skipped and broke. Derek said it was his fault, not the horse’s, and he remained very pleased with the run.

On course to watch him was his namesake Angus Fogg and partner Tracy Smytheman, who really enjoyed the experience. They’ve seen Angus as a wee foal and now he’s a big handsome good-natured fellow with plenty of fun ahead.

Angus Fogg Derek Balle and Angus Fogg

Namesake Angus Fogg and Derek Balle with Angus Fogg. Photo Bee Pears

Angus Fogg 3yo trotting colt by Angus Hall from Sun Isa.

Angus Fogg – 3yo trotting colt by Angus Hall from Sun Isa – at the workouts 2 May 2015. Photo Bee Pears.

Angus Fogg with Angus Fogg

Angus Fogg giving a few speed tips to Angus Fogg. Photo Bee Pears.

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