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I was doing some research recently for a blog reader who has an Angus Hall mare he wants to breed from. What sire might suit? As always, I probe into the mare’s own pedigree and type, and try to identify the things that you would want to reinforce or build on, and the things that might be weakness to counteract.

It all led me, quite excitedly, to one of the French sires offered by Haras Des Trotteurs (loosely translated as The Trotters Stud Farm) which is doing down under breeders a huge favour by negotiating good deals to give more consistent access to frozen semen from top French sires.

Quaker Jet

French sire Quaker Jet

The sire that came up as a great match for the mare was Quaker Jet, a son of Love You but perhaps more importantly a grandson of the great Coktail Jet.

The thing that struck me most when looking at Quaker Jet’s pedigree is how beautifully balanced it is, to the point, almost, of in-breeding. He reminds me of pacing sire He’s Watching in that regard. I described that sire’s pedigree as “a perfect Easter Egg” and like Quaker Jet he offers huge opportunities to add fuel to the fire or to out-cross for “hybrid vigour”. But you have to think a bit.

Quaker Jet is 2 x 2 to half siblings Coktail Jet and Delmonica Jet, so the mare Armbro Glamour appears 3 x 3 in his pedigree, in the maternal line of his sire (Love You) and in the maternal line of his dam (Jenny Jet). Both Coktail Jet and Delmonica Jet were very well performed horses – Coktail Jet legendary at almost $2m EU, and Delmonica Jet 6 wins and over $100k EU.

But wait, there’s more! as they say in the “infomercials”.

Go back further in Armbro Glamour’s pedigree and you find a lot of really lovely influences that could add a lot of value to certain mares in this part of the world. The timing of Quaker Jet is almost perfect. Armbro Glamour comes from the incredibly important trotting family of Goddess Hanover. In this case, Cassin Hanover (a Hoot Mon daughter of Goddess Hanover, and so a sister to Arpege). Yes, this is the family of Angus Hall, Andover Hall, and Conway Hall, as well as Texas. Ayres and many others. And it is a family equally well known and highly regarded in Europe and North America. It is a family that likes finding itself again, but also has some well discovered “clicks” with sires/families like Speedy Count and Super Bowl.

But what does this mean for New Zealand and Australian trotting breeders?

It is great news. As I said, the timing is really good. Although we look to American sires to add speed to our down under trotting families, there is growing recognition that European sires (especially those with a dose of historical American breeding) will really enhance the quality of our trotters in the long term. Already some sires – like Love You – have caught the imagination. They may not be so much sires of speedy 2yo trotters, but they are sires of class and have the ability to strengthen and improve our mares.

And for breeders, that is gold. Well, gold at the end of the rainbow. But we all know that you have to keep building a stronger and stronger foundation to maximise the likelihood of consistent successful breeding. Looking at what works well with these bloodlines, I see strongly the influence of Speedy Count and of Super Bowl adding value when it counts, and folding back into the family in the pedigrees of some of the best offspring in modern times.

What is exciting is that we have some lines already here that could do well to look at Quaker Jet as a cross – older lines (such as Count Bay mares, Straphanger mares), as well as newer ones from the “Hall” brothers, particularly Angus Hall but in future Andover Hall. Some of these mares are at or will be reaching breeding age. Look at the potential there! Goddess Hanover is a driving force in those brother’s pedigrees, through Texas on their maternal line linking with Genya Hanover (a daughter of Ayres) on their sires maternal line.

Then let’s go wider. As I mentioned, this Goddess Hanover family clicks well with itself but also with Speedy Count and Super Bowl – those are the intersections that seem to really step up to another level. Not every time, but enough to make us sit up and take notice.

So here is a popular broodmare sire that is putting his hoof in the air for a chance with Quaker Jet – Armbro Invasion. Look at his pedigree, particularly his maternal line – and you will see a heap of added values to this match.

I will go into the detail in the next blog. But keen to hear from people who have thought about this and already acted on it.


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Update: Both horses ran at the Cambridge track last night, after elect To Go made it into a much more suitable field in the Waikato meeting that was brought back from Sunday to thursday in a move to help find a space for the flooded out Forbury Park meeting. Elect To Go ran an exciting 2nd after being awkwardly placed 4 back on the inside, coming with an eyecatching run wide. View video here. Souvenir Glory had even less luck in the running, having to drop back from the 7 draw and just ran around nicely at the back of the field, and will be ready for next time.

Original blog:

The last month or so has been really enjoyable with a range of horses we have either bred or bought as weanlings showing up at the track.

Kym’s Elsu mare Souvenir Glory – 2nd at Cambridge. Thanks to a nice drive from Kyle Marshall she got handy on the pace, and ran home very well wider out. It was a gutsy effort. She starts again this Thursday at Cambridge. It was an Elsu quinella. Just an interesting by-note: The talented 2yo Emily blunt, a Rock N Roll Heaven filly bred and owned by Cambridge breeder Pat Laboyrie, has had an eye-catching second and then win at the Nelson meeting lately – in its first two starts. She’s by Pat’s nice 6-win Elsu mare Matai Mies. Nothing wrong with those good Elsu mares!

Elect To Go – 2-length win at the workouts at Pukekohe by the Gotta Go Collect x Innsbruck weanling Kym and I bought from the Alabar draft at the 2011 weanling sale. Never been pushed along when young, although she did qualify as an early 3yo with Kym as trainer. We’ve sent her to Geoff Small now to see what she’s got, and it looks like she’s got enough to be competitive. She is the half sister to mare Sovereign Faith, who has done a good job here and over in Australia (11 wins from 51 starts lifetime, $72,234). She’s nominated for the first race at Alexandra Park this Friday, but her draw of 7 is a head-scratcher for trainer Geoff in a tough field for a maiden.

In the trot qualifier trial at Pukekohe on the same day, Angus Fogg (Angus Hall x Sun Isa) qualified comfortably for trainer Derek Balle. A gorgeous looking big gelding, he’ll be another we will follow with as much passion and interest as the current owners! Read about him here and his pedigree here. Sun Isa is currently in foal to Angus Hall.

In North America we continue to follow the adventures of Destination Moon (Grinfromeartoear x Zenterfold) and Driving The Dragon (Sutter Hanover x Shark Alert), the latter, like Souvenir Glory and Elect To Go, was a purchase from the Alabar draft at weanling sales. Both continue to put their hooves in the till.



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It’s always great to see a horse you’ve bred make it to the racetrack, even if it is low key workouts at Alexandra Park.

This morning it was the 3yo Angus Hall trotter Kym Kearns bred from her mare Sun Isa, so he is a half-brother to Flying Isa.

She named him after the successful NZ V8 SuperTourer driver, Angus Fogg.

The colt had his first workout at the Park under Derek Balle’s colours. He was purchased by John Street (Lincoln Farms) at the 2013 yearling sales but was never a natural 2yo. He simply kept growing, and his gait wasn’t great at first. So Lincoln Farms made the call to send him to Derek Balle, who is so good with trotters, and now – at a majestic 16.1h – he is starting to get the hang of it.

Angus Fogg didn’t disappoint today, getting away faultlessly from the standing start and maintaining the lead at a qualifying sort of rate until the last 20m when he skipped and broke. Derek said it was his fault, not the horse’s, and he remained very pleased with the run.

On course to watch him was his namesake Angus Fogg and partner Tracy Smytheman, who really enjoyed the experience. They’ve seen Angus as a wee foal and now he’s a big handsome good-natured fellow with plenty of fun ahead.

Angus Fogg Derek Balle and Angus Fogg

Namesake Angus Fogg and Derek Balle with Angus Fogg. Photo Bee Pears

Angus Fogg 3yo trotting colt by Angus Hall from Sun Isa.

Angus Fogg – 3yo trotting colt by Angus Hall from Sun Isa – at the workouts 2 May 2015. Photo Bee Pears.

Angus Fogg with Angus Fogg

Angus Fogg giving a few speed tips to Angus Fogg. Photo Bee Pears.

  • Read more about his pedigree and background here and here.
  • Read about Angus Fogg, racing car driver here.


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60 lots in the catalogue (18 in the Australasian, 18 on Premier Day 1 and 24 on Premier Day 2).

There were 17 trotting sires represented – a huge range – but that meant the numbers for individual sires was often very low, and it is hard to draw conclusions.

There is a much smaller buying market for trotters in New Zealand than for pacers, and the buying bench from Australia was not a significant factor for the trotters, perhaps less so than in previous years? However in the top range, the offerings were good types and sold well.

The passed in rate was high, and although many were close to their Reserve price and may well have sold in subsequent private negotiations, a few were well short of their Reserve.

Averages are really meaningless in this scenario.

Top price was for Lot 33 Angus Hall x Landora’s Special colt who was bought for $127,500.

Look at prices for Angus Hall yearlings and Majestic Son (son of Angus Hall) yearlings:
Angus Hall: $127,500, $42,000, $24,000
Majestic Son: $32,500, $26,000, $20,000, $20,000, $15,000 (plus only one passed in at $12,000)

Pegasus Spur (7 lots) had a very mixed sale, with 4 passed in lots at Karaka in the $6-12,000 range , but a good $50,000 sale on Premier Day 1 for the full sister to Paramount Geegee.

Monarchy (8 lots) got two sales at $26,000 plus one at $15,000 and another passed in at $16,000 but the others were  in the $8-10,000 range.

Other trotting sires were represented by 5 or less yearlings across the 3 days of sales, and so it is really hard to pick any trends regarding those sires. The Pres had 5 lots on offer – selling one for $18,000 at the Australasian, plus one passed in at $10,000, and two selling for $10,000, one for $7,000 at Premier Day 2.

Skyvalley also had 5 lots – selling at $20,000 and $4,500, with lots passed in at $24,000, $7,000 and $12,000. The last of these was a filly out of the Last Lord mare Princess Della and therefore a half sister to Kyvalley Mac and Dealornodeal, and the McRaes had a $37,000 Reserve on her which I think was a good move considering her future breeding potential. See my blog on Princess Della.

Sundon had just 4 lots – selling for $18,000, $22,000, $5000 and passed in at $20,000 (Reserve $40,000).

Summary of trotting sales

Australasian – 18 lots offered, 9 sold on the day (3 to Australian buyers)

Premier Day 1 – 18 lots offered, 12 sold (2 to Australia)

Premier Day 2 – 22 lots offered, 18 sold (2 to Australia)

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